Contoh Kalimat Dialog Showing Care Singkat

Contoh Kalimat Dialog Showing Care Singkat


Contoh Kalimat Dialog Showing Care Singkat – Showing care bisa diartikan symphaty. Pengertian simpati adalah adalah perasaan seseorang tanpa secara khusus memahami apa yang mereka rasakan. dimana beberapa ekspresi untuk menunjukkan simpati kami kepada orang lain.

Beberapa contoh yang ditunjukkan di bawah ini.

  • Oh, I am sorry to hear that
  • That’s too bad
  • What a pity of you !
  • Be patient, it would be better soon
  • I take my sympathy to you
  • I sympathize with your condition
  • I know how is your feeling
  • It would be OK soon.

Contoh Dialog Showing Care Secara Singkat

A : Sorry to hear that a robber broke into your house last night
B : Thank you
A : May I know what he took?
B : Thank God, he didn’t take anything, only made a mess in my house. I think he couldn’t find the my money and jewelries
A : So, you’re still traumatic
B : Yes, but I feel a bit better now
A : I think time will heal
B : I hope so


Contoh Dialog Untuk Complimenting

A : Hey, you looked great at the drama performance last night!
B : Thank you
A : How long did you prepare for it?
B : About 2 months
A : Who guided you?
B : Mrs. Rara. She trained us patiently and worked hard to make the performance a success
A : You’re right! I could tell that all the characters played very well
B : Thank you

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